IntelliTech Try and Buy Program

If you're contemplating or ready to purchase a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, but want the opportunity to prove proof of concept that it will work with your particular system configuration, then the Try and Buy Program may be an option for you.

IntelliTech offers a Try & Buy Program for customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico only. Not available internatonally due to excessive shipping.

We understand that selecting the perfect label printer can be a daunting task.

The Try & Buy Program gives serious prospects the opportunity to evaluate new GoDEX or Microplex label printers at your location to ensure it works with your computer equipment and operating system and/or programs for your application.

If the printer works as advertised, you buy it.

If not, you notify us by phone or email to return it and you will only be charged for the shipping to and from your location, unless you use your own carrier account.

During your evaluation period, we will be happy to help answer any questions you have, walk you through driver installations and offer suggestions for optimal use in your environment.

Steps for Try and Buy

1. If you are looking for a direct thermal or thermal transfer label printer, please contact us. We will help to determine which GoDEX printer best serves your needs best for your particular printing requirements.

2. We will then send you a Try and Buy Agreement for you to sign and email back to us.

3. Upon receipt of the completed form and a credit card, IntelliTech will arrange to send you the printer along with a small roll of label and a ribbon for testing to ensure the printer works with your computer system.

4. Upon receipt of the printer, you have 7 business days to evaluate the printer.

5. At the end of the 7-business day evaluation period, we will charge your credit card, unless you notify us by then that you want to return the printer.

6. If you would like to return the printer, please call your IntelliTech service rep at 978 212 7200 x204 for your RMA number before the evaluation period expires. If the printer is returned as agreed and without damage, you will only be charged for the shipping and to and from your location, unless you provided your own carrier account number. Please follow all packing instructions to avoid damage to the printer during shipping.