For a complete list of GoDEX printer options, go to respective charts: Desktop Industrial

Guillotine Label (not liner) Cutter (sample)*

  • The Guillotine cutter is not meant to cut adhesive labels! Otherwise, cutter will definitely malfunction and possibly cause cutter damage.

  • Cut widths range from 2" to 4", depending on the particular GoDEX printer.

  • Cutter Blade paper/tag and life-cycle specs vary amongst printers. Refer to the specific Printer User's Manual in the Cutter section for specifications.

  • *Refer to Options Chart for part # for your particular Desktop or Industrial printer

Bluetooth Module*

  • Provides wireless connectivity between your computer system and printer

  • Special radio signals are converted from your computer data which are sent to the printer

  • *Refer to Options Chart for the part # for your particular Desktop or Industrial printer

External Label Rewinder - Models: T-10, T-20, & T-30

This external label rewinder works by automatically rewinding labels onto a core (or coreless) from a desktop or industrial printer for large-batch or small-run labeling applications. The benefts are a savings in time due to its quick duty cycle and manpower from manually gathering labels and having uniform, rewound rolls of printed labels to store or for your or your customer's use as needed such as instructional labels, serial number labels.

These external rewinders have an idler arm that can be positioned to rewind labels from either side of the printer. Depending on your requirements, the external rewinder can rewind "inside or outside" label rolls.

  • Can be used with all Godex printers.

  • Supports inside and outside label rewinding.

  • Colored LED indicator provides rewinder operation status.

  • Support three label Core I.D. sizes:

    • 1" (25.2 mm – 25.6 mm)

    • 1.5" (40 mm – 40.6 mm)

    • 3" (76 mm – 76.6 mm)

    • Core and coreless kits included.

  • Measurements:

    • T-10: 13.7"L x 11.9"W x 7.1"H - 8" O.D. - up to 4.75"W - Desktop

Part #313-125

    • T-20 15.5"L x 7.1"W x 7.1"H - 7" O.D. - up to 7"W - Industrial

Part #313-126

    • T-30 17"L x 7.1"W x 11.9"H - 6" O.D. - up to 8.4"W - Industrial

Part #313-127

External Label Rewinder - Models T10, T20, and T30

Internal Rewinder

  • Internal rewinders are a good alternative to external rewinders that reside outside of the printer.

  • Used to rewind printed labels back internally onto the inside printer spool on Industrial printers

  • Accommodates holding up to an 8" O.D. (outer diameter) roll.

  • Also used to rewind the label "liner" only when the label is ejected separate from the liner.

  • Refer to Options Chart for part # for Desktop or Industrial printers.

WiFi Module

  • A Godex printer can be connected to your network wirelessly from your computer or other devices in your computer network.

  • Refer to Options Chart if factory or end user installable and the correct part # for your particular Desktop or Industrial printer.


*Refer to Options Chart for the part # for your particular Desktop or Industrial printer

Media Dust Cover

  • For the protection of the External Rewinders to keep free of dust.

Part # 312-170

Cleaning Pens

  • Thermal printer cleaning pens are designed to clean ink, dirt, and contaminants from thermal printers with an accessible print head, reducing misprints and poor image quality.

  • Increases the life of the print head

  • Available in a 6-pack

  • Extends the life of your printhead

Part #313-106