Custom - Specialty Labels

What makes a label a custom label job? Custom Label Samples

  • a non-standard size or custom shape

  • horizontal or vertical slits required on facestock and/or liner.

  • labels that require a horizontal or vertical slit on the facestock and/or backing slits on the liner

  • label adhesives that need to adhere to special surface conditions such as curved, dusty, frostly frozen, oily-grease, sooty, textured, waxed, wet water, etc.

  • labels that require a speciality facestock such as acetate, kimdura, polyamid, polyethylene, etc.

  • a special facestock that requires durability in environmental conditions such as a low to high range of temperature, excessive moisture, ice blocks, UV exposure

  • special type of label such as multi-part labels such as work in progress labels, piggyback labels, etc.

  • preprinted barcode labels

  • special adhesive that require adhesion to multiple surface conditions such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc.

IntelliTech's custom labels, tags and tickets include many combinations of blank or preprinted media facestocks in any color with a choice of adhesive and release liner in the shape and configuration that you specify. Contact Us - Custom Labels for expert advice for your particular application. We can help specify the best custom label solution for you by learning as much information about your label requirements. The more information you can provide, the more precisely and expeditiously we can assist you. Don't hesitate to contact us for expert advice for your particular application by email.

Pricing for Custom Labels and Tags is quoted based on the quantity purchased per order. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost per thousand per label. IntelliTech sells in full cartons only.

COVID UPDATE: Lead Time Updated - 08/15/22

Custom labels, tags and tickets are produced to order. Due to Covid, lead-time for custom label/tag orders is being quoted 8-15 weeks from receipt of purchase order and longer with material getting harder to find and longer to ship. We are also seeing standard labels and tags now with longer lead times from 1-2 days to sometimes unknown lead times. Some materials are taking 23-25 weeks, so be sure to contact us for the lead time for your particular label/tag material.

Don't wait last minute to order. Figure out your average monthly usage and how long it will last. Then ask what the current lead time is from us for your material and from there you'll be able to determine when you should order so delivery arrives just before your inventory is depleted.