Legacy IntelliBar Label Printers

The IntelliTech IntelliBar M-Series (M48, M412, M88) and Mi Series Printers (Mi46 and Mi410) have been discontinued after 26 years and we thank all our existing customers who purchased the M an Mi Series all these years. But it doesn't end there. We have replacement lines of printers to continue to support all your platforms: the GoDEX and the Microplex-usa.

ALSO NOTE: WE HAVE A VERY LIMITED QUANTITY OF INTELLIBAR Mi410 print heads left in stock before they are end of life. Mi46 print heads have reached their EOL. Time to transfer to a GoDEX or Micrplex depending on your platform?

Email for a quotation, contact us for a quote. Be happy to help you choose from the # of printers to choose from. You can still use the same IntelliTech ribbons that are on a card board core.

What's Changed?

Our legacy IntelliBar M Series HP PCL5 (M48, M412, M88) and IntelliBar Mi Series HP PCL5e (Mi46 and Mi42) printers are discontinued. However, our live tech support and factory on-site service repair and part replacements, as many of our existing customers are still experiencing, continue. Printer drivers, User Guides and Programmer's Manuals and platform resources also remain for our customer's reference on our website.

Mi46 print heads have just reached their end of life. Mi410 print heads have a limited quantity. Contact us for a GoDEX or Microplex printer as a replacement printer.

What's New?

We have transitioned to new IntelliTech barcode label printing solutions with GoDEX's broad line of desktop, industrial and mobile printers and cost-advantage options sold to End Users only. We will continue using IntelliTech's reputable ribbon formulas as they have been time and tested for over 26 years with excellent, high-quality printing results. We will also continue to offer high-quality stock labels and tags and will be focused working on more custom label solutions with our customers and prospects with the GoDEX and Microplex.

If you would like to learn more about the variety of GoDEX and Microplex barcode label printer solutions, contact us at 978 212-7200 or kmartell@intellitech-intl.com